As the payment industry evolves and new technologies are introduced, systems become increasingly complex, requiring organizations to train their personnel on these new technologies and how to develop, use and operate them effectively.

One of the major technological standards in the payments industry is EMV, that was originally developed for smart payment cards, payment terminals, and ATMs. Its ability to provide dynamic credentials in a secure manner makes it a suitable platform for newer payment channels such as mobile and contactless payments, online payments, distributed platforms etc. Th industry is moving towards using this dynamic platform for future payment channels and systems.

In addition to the growth of contactless and mobile payments, online card-not-present transactions have significantly increased. To secure these transactions, a multitude of technologies have been developed to authenticate the user and secure the transaction. The advent of large quantum computers also brings the potential for fraudulent attacks on current encryption systems, thus there is a need for new and innovative technologies to protect against such attacks and provide safe online payment environments.

To ensure that organizations are equipped to handle these complex systems, specialist training is required. Our training is provided through our training organization Secure Payments Academy . Our consultants have gained expertise by implementing and working with payments systems using these technologies, and are well-suited to deliver strategic and technical payment training for new payment technologies. We offer a comprehensive list of courses, and we can provide custom courses tailored to specific needs of our clients.