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SCIL together with its partners present the following software packages for EMV implementations:

EMV Payment Application – This is the software that runs on millions of cards and has been tested for different implementations of MULTOS and JavaCard with many terminals, HSMs and Hosts. The application has been optimized for size and can fit on a 4KB Multos Step/One card.

EMV Transaction Authorization Module – This module, through its API, provides all EMV message processing including encryption/decryption with minimal impact to the host system. Multiple implementations have proven this to be the fastest and the simplest way to the EMV migration.

EMV Script Management – EMV scripting messages allow the card issuer to manage cardholder privileges by remotely updating these privileges, such as credit limits. Script messages are generated by this module that is managed through its API by the host.

EMV Card Management System – The EMV Card Management system offers efficiency, flexibility and security in addition to providing timely response to new technological developments (e.g. Contactless), standards and initiatives. The EMV Card Management System provides the ability to personalize and develop new added value services through an integrated platform for all types of cards, and can fully manage all processes of issuing, modifying, replacing and accounting.

EMV Data Preparation and Card Issuance – The system enables issuers to generate files necessary for personalization of EMV chip cards by utilizing the magnetic stripe data from the host management system, collecting the EMV specific data and creating an EMV data file that is used by the card production system to personalize the cards to be issued. With this systems issuers are able manage keys, certificates and applications along with specifics for each card.