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We have developed and delivered a series of workshops for all stages of EMV project implementations, focused on technology and operational processes as well as marketing and business units. The SCIL workshops are lead by our consultants who have gained practical expertise by having managed such projects for major financial institutions. These workshops are independently developed and will give much needed practical details on how to maximize the ROI of this complex environment.
  • What is EMV and what are the reasons for its use?
  • Practical guidelines about EMV implementation.
  • How EMV affects issuing systems, acquiring systems, terminals and networks.
  • Issues encountered during EMV implementations and their solutions.
  • What does an EMV Business Case look like?
  • How to use System Tools to fast track implementation time-lines.
  • The business benefits of EMV features - script management.

These courses are generally available on two and three day sessions and can be tailored to the client requirements, as the mandated requirements are different in different geographies.

Please contact SCIL for further details on EMV workshops by emailing: [email protected]